The Asset Advisory team specialise in the valuation of rural property & the plant and machinery associated with a diverse range of rural land uses.

Our valuers carry out detailed analysis of recent market transactions for these asset types to ensure accurate & timely assessments.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

As Capital Gains Tax is charged on the sale of property when it exceeds its previous purchase price, (for investment properties acquired after September 1985), a current or retrospective valuation will identify the actual increase in a property’s value for this purpose.

If it is a retrospective valuation, access to the property needs to be made available, as an internal inspection of the property is a condition of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

Stamp Duty Valuations

Valuations carried out for stamp duty purposes are generally carried out where there is a relationship between the two parties (such as sale between parents to children) and the sale is deemed to be not “at arms length”. The valuation will provide the correct figure on which the duty will be assessed.

Estate Administration Values

Asset Advisory are specialists in preparing Valuations for Estate Administration& Single Expert Witness Valuations, having a broad experience in residential, rural & commercial property matters.

We understand the importance of time and cost constraints under which many cases are conducted, and work with you to ensure that these issues are minimised with all reports prepared in accordance with court rules. Valuationsprepared by the Asset Advisory team are properly researched and concluded so as to avoid the re-commissioning of a valuation by the court, along with its subsequent delay and additional cost to the parties.

Pre Purchase & Pre Sale Advice

A pre-sale or pre-purchase valuation gives the vendor or potential purchaser a powerful tool to take to the negotiating table. An accurate valuation from a registered valuer can assist a vendor determine a reserve sale price, or help a purchaser identify their uppermost limit, or offer on a property for sale. A valuation report, which costs only a few hundred dollars, can potentially save tens of thousands.

Resumptions & Compensation

Where a property has been resumed, a valuation is required to be carried out to determine the full amount of compensation due to the owner. In some cases the land taken is either a full take (where the whole property is resumed / acquired), or a part take (where only part of the property is taken for road widening purposes for example). In these cases, all valuation fees are paid or reimbursed by the resuming authority.

Mortgage Security Valuations

Valuations for mortgage security are required by lending institutions on behalf of a purchaser to determine the amount of finance required for the purchase of a particular property. The majority of financial institutions have a set panel of valuation firms from whom they accept valuations. If a valuation is required for a particular institution, please check with us that the valuation report can be utilised by that institution.

Deceased Estate Valuations

Having a Deceased Estate Valuation carried out on properties forming part of the estate can help executors and beneficiaries appropriately administer the estate and minimise the possibility of dispute.

Family Law Valuations

The Valuer is engaged as a “Single Expert Witness” with valuations completed in accordance with Family Law Court Rules, where valuations for this purpose are accepted by joint instruction from solicitors acting on behalf of the parties.

Insurance Valuations

An Insurance Valuation provides an up to date replacement cost of a building to assist clients in having adequate insurance coverage. There are many associated costs in relation to the replacement of a building which are calculated as part of the assessment.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

Property Investors… Are you missing out on making the most of your Tax Depreciation Deductions?

Asset Advisory are Registered Company Tax Agents with the Tax Practitioners Board and provide ATO compliant Tax Depreciation Schedules for all types of income producing properties.

Asset Advisory provides a cost efficient service by applying the latest Australian Taxation Office rulings and interpretations. Your tax depreciation schedule will remain valid for a 20 year period and the cost of the schedule is tax deductible.

We have provided some examples of items that can be claimed in our short video.

Insurance Valuations

Do you have your buildings adequately insured? Protect your valuable property asset.

Asset Advisory can make sure the replacement cost of your building is up to date for insurance purposes to ensure in having adequate coverage. Asset Advisory can provide you with an Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment to appropriately protect your building assets to avoid getting caught “short” in the event of a claim.

See our short case study illustrating an example of getting “caught short”.

Sinking Fund Forecasts

Government legislation has made it compulsory for every body corporate to prepare a sinking fund forecast for a minimum of 10 years. The Asset Advisory Sinking Fund Forecast Plan is accurate and easy to understand and is compiled with specialised knowledge and skills to create the balance between levies being too high or too low.

Elemental Construction Costs

An Asset Advisory Elemental Cost Plan which involves the measurement and pricing of a bill of quantities and provides a detailed breakdown of the building into its various elements. This process ensures funds are efficiently allocated to the various components and finishes of a building, and can ensure that tenders are within an acceptable range or used to identify areas of difference between tender and anticipated construction cost prior to acceptance of tenders.

Forensic Quantity Surveying

Asset Advisory provides Forensic Quantity Surveying which involves the detailed analysis of time, cost and delivery having regard to the contractual matrix in building or construction works. Our Forensic Quantity Surveying team specialises in forensic re-measurement of buildings and expert valuations for insurance purposes.