Asset Advisory is a specialist firm of Valuers & Quantity Surveyors committed to providing clients with practical real estate, construction & plant & equipment advice. Our client base draws upon the diverse experience of our team, with each member having a minimum 20 years in the profession for each asset class.

Leading Quantity Surveyors &
Buyers Agent Richmond Valley

Asset Advisory is home to the leading quantity surveyors and property buyer’s agents in the area. We’re able to provide advice on any aspect of quantity surveying and will always offer a professional, pleasant experience.

We wouldn’t be the company we are today if it wasn’t for our team of specialists who all have at least 20 years of experience in this sector. We take pride in our team of experts who are ready to take your call.

You can have peace of mind that the person handling your inspection and report is a qualified, quantity surveyor with a degree and several years of experience working with sub-contractors, building companies, developers, and banks.

Our office provides a comprehensive range of quantity surveyor, property valuation, and buyers agent services to help you make informed business decisions. 

Our services include, but are not not limited to:
• Preparing cost plans and tax depreciation reports on investment properties
• Assisting in the preparation of estimates
• Helping formulate feasibility reports
• Providing construction finance and progress payment reports
• Assessing and making projections for future work


There is a good reason our quantity surveyor Richmond Valley services surpass local competition. We have 20+ years of experience in the construction industry, pay very close attention to detail, are passionate about what we do, and give our clients peace of mind that their project is in good hands. 


Are You Looking for a Quantity Surveyor Near You?

If you’re looking for a reputable quantity surveyor in the area, you’ve come to the right place. No matter the size of your project, we guarantee it will be in good hands with our experienced team. Don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions arise – Asset Advisory is always ready to provide timely, cost-effective solutions. Give us a call today!


Looking for a Property Buyers Agent Near You?

Asset Advisory is your one-stop shop in Byron Bay, Richmond Valley, and nearby areas for every step of the real estate buying process – identification, verification, negotiation and finally confirmation.

Every need and desire is taken into careful consideration by our experienced buyers agent in Richmond Valley and surrounding suburbs so as to never waste your time with properties that won’t work.

Ready to move? Contact us today!

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Our Comprehensive Property Valuation & Buyers Agent Services

If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced property buyers agent in Richmond Valley or a property valuer that’s local to where you live, you might be overwhelmed with choices. How do you know a trustworthy and good property valuer from a bad one? What kind of services do you need? How can you trust that someone will do the job you’ve asked them to?

At Asset Advisory, our goal is to calm any of these fears that you have. Our team is dedicated to providing the services you need. If you’re living in the Richmond Valley area, we want to help you. Our local experts are ready to assess any location. This includes residential, commercial, business, rural, and plant & equipment properties.

We want to provide only the best property valuation services, and that’s why we offer only local valuers to meet your valuation needs. Our local team of real estate valuers are ready to work with property owners, agricultural specialists, and small & independent business owners.

The diversity of our real estate valuers services allows us to provide trusted and professional advice that people can rely upon in the area, and that’s our number one priority. Contact us today and get the best buyers agent and quantity surveyor in Richmond Valley!

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Proudly Serving Richmond Valley

Asset Advisory Property Consultants have been serving Richmond Valley for many years. Since opening we have been servicing many of its residents with our property valuation and quantity surveying services. At Asset Advisory Property Consultants we can help the locals as quantity surveyors, buyers agent, property buyers, property valuers and more.

Here at Asset Advisory Property Consultants, we experienced in providing Richmond Valley residents with real estate and property advice.