Asset Advisory is a specialist firm of Valuers & Quantity Surveyors committed to providing clients with practical real estate, construction & plant & equipment advice. Our client base draws upon the diverse experience of our team, with each member having a minimum 20 years in the profession for each asset class.

Experienced Property Valuers &
Property Buyers Clarence Valley

Finding a property valuer can be a long and tedious process. This is especially true when you want someone who is experienced, trusted, and knows what they’re doing. At Asset Advisory, we’ve come to form an experienced team of property valuers in Clarence Valley. If you’re living in the area and searching for a top-quality professional, we are eager to offer our services to you.

A Variety of Services to Meet Your Needs

Each member in our team of specialists has no less than 20 years of experience in the property valuation field. We want to give real estate buyers the best services possible, and that’s why we offer only the most seasoned of valuers.

As a whole, we have valuers experienced in commercial, rural, plant & equipment, business, and home valuations. This variety means our team is ready to work with business executives, everyday home owners, agricultural specialists, and small business owners. The range in diversity allows us to help as many people as possible with their property purchase, and that’s our number one priority.

Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Residential Valuation Services
Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Rural Business Valuations
Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Commercial Business Valuation
Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Plant and Equipment Industrial Business Valuations
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Buyers Agent Services

Unlike that of a regular real estate agent, the role of a property buyers agent is to work exclusively for their client using their experience, skills, and resources to help them find their dream real estate. A reputable Clarence property agents agency will invest their time into gathering the right information to bring forward properties their client may be interested in.

The purchase of a home or real estate is a big decision, and you shouldn’t handle the process all on your own. At Asset Advisory, you can have peace of mind that our team of agents will get you the most value for your money and a real estate you’ll love. We know the local real estate market inside out and our buyers agent will be able to find properties that meet your criteria.

When it comes down to big, important buying decisions such as this one, you’re not alone. Get in touch with one of our accredited buyer’s agents today. We will make your dream home or investment property buying process stress-free and simple.

Our Services

If you’re searching for a valuer that’s local to where you live, you might be overwhelmed with choices. How do you know a good property valuer from a bad one? What kind of services do you need when buying property? How can you trust that someone will do the job you’ve asked them to?

At Asset Advisory, our goal is to calm any of these fears that you have. Our team is dedicated to providing the services you need. If you’re living in the area, we want to help you. Our local experts are ready to assess any location. This includes residential, commercial, business, rural, and plant & equipment properties.

Our services range extensively depending on what you need valued. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Capital Gains Tax Valuations
  • Estate Administration Values
  • Pre Purchase Valuation
  • Pre Sale Valuation
  • Mortgage Security Valuations
  • Resumptions & Compensation
  • Family Law Valuations
  • Deceased Estate Valuations
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment
  • Tax Depreciations Schedules
  • Sinking Fund Forecasts
  • Forensic Quantity Surveying
  • Elemental Construction Costs


These services provide multiple avenues for you to take with realty, and it all comes down to what direction you’d like to take a piece of real estate in. If real estate valuing is something you need, Asset Advisory are the ones you can turn to.

Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Jeremy Rutledge Director
Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Simon Coleman Senior Quantity Surveyor
Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Jeremy King Senior Valuer
Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Brian Nicholson Senior Plant and Equipment Valuer

Looking for Property Valuers Near You?

If you’re in need of property valuing services, Asset Advisory is here to help. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, rural, or plant & equipment valuation, our team is on the job. Contact us today!

Proudly Serving Clarence Valley

Asset Advisory Property Consultants have been serving this part of the Northern Rivers region for many years. Since opening we have been servicing many of the residents with our valuation and quantity surveying services.

Our consultants can help residents as quantity surveyors, property buyers agents, real estate valuers and more. Here at Asset Advisory, we experienced in providing residents with real estate advice.

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