Asset Advisory is a specialist firm of Valuers & Quantity Surveyors committed to providing clients with practical real estate, construction & plant & equipment advice. Our client base draws upon the diverse experience of our team, with each member having a minimum 20 years in the profession for each asset class.

Leading Property Buyers in Kingscliff

When you choose Asset Advisory as your property buyers in Kingscliff, our team acts as your independent agent to locate the home or investment property of your dreams.

Working with Asset Advisory means a comprehensive service of search, appraisal and negotiation every time. Here’s what you can expect from our real estate buyers agents:


In our initial meeting, your house buying consultant will learn about your main expectations and requirements for a property in order to fully understand what you’re looking for. A customer looking for guidance is no issue, either. We’re happy to recommend areas, types of property, and advise on the local market. We use this meeting as the foundation of our property search to focus the search from the beginning.


Our extensive research dives into the specific criteria as noted from the briefing. We look closely to identify available properties that may be a match to gather more information on each promising option. Through this process, we weed out the properties that aren’t worth your time and compile a collection of our best recommendations.


This compilation of top options is then presented to you for your perusal. We are careful to only include properties that satisfy your needs so as to streamline the process and find the right solution faster.


After gathering your feedback on the presented options from the shortlist, we will arrange for a private tour of the location at a time and day that suits you. We don’t believe in cramming each visit one after another. Rather, we find a time that is convenient and allows for ample inspection and consideration. Should you have an issue getting to the property to view it yourself, we will view it and report back on your behalf.

Legal Checks

After making a first impression on each property, we highly suggest fulfilling a building inspection and pest inspection on any locations you are sincerely considering. These steps are important to ensure all legal requirements of the property have been satisfied and can save you money and stress in the future.


After signing off on all legal checks, it’s time to finalize a decision on the property. We’ll then begin negotiations on the target property by first appraising the true value and then by using data such as comparable sales and our local knowledge to come to an agreement on a competitive price.

Wrapping up the Sale

If any other issue arises in the time leading up to the closing of your property purchase, we’ll keep you up-to-date and in the loop. We’re happy to provide any and all assistance you may need in wrapping up the sale.

Looking for an Experienced Property Buyer Near You?

Asset Advisory is your one-stop shop for every step of the buying process – identification, verification, negotiation and finally confirmation. Every need and desire is taken into careful consideration by our buying team so as to never waste your time with properties that won’t work.

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Proudly Serving Kingscliff

Asset Advisory Property Consultants have been serving Kingscliff for many years. Since opening we have been servicing many of Kingscliff’s residents with our property valuation and quantity surveying services. At Asset Advisory Property Consultants we can help Kingscliff residents as quantity surveyors, buyers agent, property buyers, property valuers and more. Here at Asset Advisory Property Consultants, we experienced in providing Kingscliff residents with real estate and property advice.