Asset Advisory is a specialist firm of Valuers & Quantity Surveyors committed to providing clients with practical real estate, construction & plant & equipment advice. Our client base draws upon the diverse experience of our team, with each member having a minimum 20 years in the profession for each asset class.

Leading Property Buyers Agent Bangalow

When you choose Asset Advisory as your property buyers in Bangalow, Byron Bay, and surrounding areas, our team acts as your independent agent to locate the home or investment property of your dreams.

Working with Asset Advisory means a comprehensive service of search, appraisal and negotiation every time. Here’s what you can expect from our real estate buyers agents:


In our initial meeting, your house buying consultant will learn about your main expectations and requirements for a property in order to fully understand what you’re looking for. A customer looking for guidance is no issue, either. We’re happy to recommend areas, types of real estate, and advise on the local market. We use this meeting as the foundation of our property search to focus the search from the beginning.


Our extensive research dives into the specific criteria as noted from the briefing. We look closely to identify available properties that may be a match to gather more information on each promising option. Through this process, we weed out the properties that aren’t worth your time and compile a collection of our best recommendations.


This compilation of top options is then presented to you for your perusal. We are careful to only include properties that satisfy your needs so as to streamline the process and find the right solution faster.


After gathering your feedback on the presented options from the shortlist, we will arrange for a private tour of the location at a time and day that suits you. We don’t believe in cramming each visit one after another. Rather, we find a time that is convenient and allows for ample inspection and consideration. Should you have an issue getting to the property to view it yourself, we will view it and report back on your behalf.

Legal Checks

After making a first impression on each property, we highly suggest fulfilling a building inspection and pest inspection on any locations you are sincerely considering. These steps are important to ensure all legal real estate requirements have been satisfied and can save you money and stress in the future.


After signing off on all legal checks, it’s time to finalize a decision on the property. We’ll then begin negotiations on the target property by first appraising the true value and then by using data such as comparable sales and our local knowledge to come to an agreement on a competitive price.

Wrapping up the Sale

If any other issue arises in the time leading up to the closing of your real estate purchase, we’ll keep you up-to-date and in the loop. We’re happy to provide any and all assistance you may need in wrapping up the sale.


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Asset Advisory is your one-stop shop in Bangalow, Byron Bay, and nearby areas for every step of the real estate buying process  – identification, verification, negotiation and finally confirmation. Every need and desire is taken into careful consideration by our property buyers agent in Bangalow, Byron Bay, and nearby areas so as to never waste your time with properties that won’t work.

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Our Services

If you’re searching for a reliable property buyers agent in Bangalow or a property valuer that’s local to where you live, you might be overwhelmed with choices. How do you know a good real estate valuer from a bad one? What kind of services do you need? How can you trust that someone will do the job you’ve asked them to?

At Asset Advisory, our goal is to calm any of these fears that you have. Our team is dedicated to providing the services you need. If you’re living in the Bangalow area, we want to help you. Our local experts are ready to assess any location. This includes residential, commercial, business, rural, and plant & equipment properties.

Our services range extensively depending on what you need valued. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

    • Capital Gains Tax Valuations
    • Estate Administration Values
    • Pre Purchase Real Estate Valuation
    • Pre Sale Property Valuation
    • Mortgage Security Valuations
    • Resumptions & Compensation
    • Family Law Valuations
    • Deceased Estate Valuations
    • Insurance Valuations
    • Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment
    • Tax Depreciations Schedules
    • Sinking Fund Forecasts
    • Forensic Quantity Surveying
    • Elemental Construction Costs


These services provide multiple avenues for you to take with any property type, and it all comes down to what direction you’d like to take a property in. If real estate valuing or a property buyers agent in Bangalow is something you need, Asset Advisory are the ones you can turn to.


Our Awards And Advocacies

Northern Star BCCI Business Excellence Awards

Asset Advisory was awarded Best Professional Services Firm in 2013 at the Northern Star BCCI Business Excellence Awards which recognised the firm as a leader in customer service, staff training, community involvement, innovation, workplace health and safety & responsibility to the environment.

Summerland House Farm Country Fair Sponsor

In 2014, Asset Advisory sponsored the Summerland House Farm Country Fair which supports people with disabilities and their families through providing opportunities for empowerment, respect, inclusion, commitment & achievement.

Asset Advisory Property Consultants - Value and Quantity Surveyors Community Services

“The Board Meeting”, Surfing Event at Byron Bay 2015 & Lennox Head 2016

Asset Advisory supported “The Board Meeting”, a surfing event at Byron Bay 2015 & Lennox Head 2016, which raises funds to support local disabled children and their families who have fallen through the cracks of government support.

“Our Kids” Northern Rivers Health Fundraiser

During 2018, Asset Advisory supported “Our Kids” Northern Rivers Health Fund, which raised $25,000 at the Winter Ball for pediatric equipment for all hospitals on the North Coast.


A Variety Of Services To Meet Your Needs

Our team of real estate agent valuers and specialists from Bangalow NSW have more than 20 years of residential, commercial, and rural experience in property valuation. We want to provide only the best real estate valuation services, and that’s why we offer only local valuers in Bangalow to meet your valuation needs. As a whole, we have property valuers in Bangalow, Byron Bay, and surrounding areas who are experienced in rural real estate, commercial real estate, plant & equipment, and real estate home valuations. This variety means our local team of real estate valuers are ready to work with Bangalow property owners, agricultural specialists, and small & independent business property owners. The diversity of our valuers services allows us to provide trusted and professional advice that people can rely upon in Bangalow area, and that’s our number one priority. Contact us today and get the best valuers and buyers real eastate agent in Bangalow!


Experienced Property Valuers In Bangalow

Finding a property valuer in Bangalow NSW that you can rely on can be difficult. This is especially true when you want valuers who are experienced, independent, trusted, and understand what a real estate valuations truly means. At Asset Advisory, we’ve come to form an experienced team of property valuers in Bangalow NSW. If you’re living in the Bangalow area and searching for a local real estate valuation professional, we are keen to provide our market insight and valuation advice to you.


Our Property Valuation Processing

Our 3 step real estate valuation processing system ensures reliable reporting with all reports returned electronically for rapid response times. This allows our property buyers agent in Bangalow to provide timely & accurate property value to be used as a decision making tool.

Pre Purchase & Pre Sale Advice

A pre-sale or pre-purchase valuation gives the vendor or potential purchaser a powerful tool to take to the negotiating table. An accurate valuation from a registered valuer can assist our property buyers agent in Bangalow to determine a reserve sale price, or help a purchaser identify their uppermost limit, or offer on a property for sale. A valuation report, which costs only a few hundred dollars, can potentially save tens of thousands.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

As Capital Gains Tax is charged on the sale of property when it exceeds its previous purchase price, (for investment properties acquired after September 1985), a current or retrospective valuation will identify the actual increase in a property’s value for this purpose.

If it is a retrospective valuation, access to the property needs to be made available, as an internal inspection of the property is a condition of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

Estate Administration Values

As a leading property buyers agent in Bangalow, we are specialists in preparing Valuations for Estate Administration & Single Expert Witness Valuations, having a broad experience in residential, rural & commercial property matters.

We understand the importance of time and cost constraints under which many cases are conducted, and work with you to ensure that these issues are minimised with all reports prepared in accordance with court rules. Valuations prepared by the Asset Advisory team are properly researched and concluded so as to avoid the re-commissioning of a valuation by the court, along with its subsequent delay and additional cost to the parties.


Proudly Serving Bangalow

Asset Advisory Property Consultants have been serving Bangalow NSW for many years. Since opening we have been servicing many of Bangalow’s residents with our property valuation, quantity surveying, and real estate agent services. At Asset Advisory Property Consultants, we can help Bangalow residents as quantity surveyors, buyers agent, property buyers, property valuers, real estate agent, and more. As the leading property buyers agent in Bangalow, we are experienced in providing Bangalow residents with real estate and property advice.